Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Seen Any Persecution Lately?

It's embarrassing that American Christians complain of persecution. We occasionally get made fun of by some blowhard on the internet, at work, or on the Bill Maher show! Compare that to what Christians in other lands go through! Compare it to history!

We've been spared and we should be thankful! I think the founding principles of this country have facilitated God's blessings. And you know the drill: our move away from that spiritual heritage makes us increasingly vulnerable to real persecution! Not just Christians, but all people. When evil goes unchecked, all suffer.

But wait! Isn't it a given that the follower of Christ will always, in all circumstances, be persecuted? The Scriptures seem to promise persecution for the godly (2 Timothy 3:12), but I wonder to what extent?

Here's why I ask. Don't you think that if Christ transforms a culture, country, or community, persecution will be limited there? After all, the goal is for God's will to be done "on earth" as it is in heaven! And the Bible also promises times of peace (Isaiah 2:4). Maybe the scriptural promises of persecution entail a general principle rather than a hard and fast rule. Can we work to prevent it?

In America, we're in a position to help those who are being persecuted! We are not to be paralyzed by a false Persecution Complex.

Here's our opportunity: The Voice of the Martyrs.